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Green New Deal

May 25th Town Hall Meeting at the Community Hall

20 people present, invited representatives of community organizations.(Over 30 groups were invited).

MC: Julia Nicholls              Facilitator: Ben Kadel           Recorders: Monica Petrie   Mary Anne Pare


The purpose of the meeting, one of 150 across Canada in the week of May 20th  to 26th, was to gather citizens’ ideas on what to include and exclude in a Pact for a Canadian Green New Deal.

None of us can tackle the Climate Emergency in isolation. It must lift us all up together.


The meeting used a format offered by the national organizers of this event to identify crucial topics for in a Green New Deal Pact. 

Red items, those not wanted in a Green New Deal

Green items, those to include in a Green New Deal

These have been recorded and collated below. Global, national and local issues and goals were identified. 


The latter part of the meeting focussed more closely on our island’s needs and wishes for climate action. The last suggestion that was raised at this meeting has already been put into action: at the Saturday market on June 1st, at the Pender Island Conservancy table.  This offered market goers the chance to identify their own Red and Green items for a National Green Pact.  They are recorded in the link, Green New Deal comments from market, June 1st  below.


 The hope of the PenderPod organizers is that the ideas conjured up by the Green New Deal town hall meeting and the follow up Saturday market table will inspire cooperative greening initiatives  among our island organizations for global, national and local change.

Let’s make  S,DA’YES  an epicentre of Climate Action!

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