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It is beyond disappointing to learn that open-net pen salmon farms will continue to pollute BC waters for another 5 years… There is a glimmer of hope, however: as a movement we were able to hold the federal government to their promise—sorta. So many other government promises get dropped from the political agenda completely. It is a testament to the power of Salmon People that there is still serious momentum in the right direction to shut this industry down forever. Thank you to everyone who took action to get this far—let’s ramp the pressure up to put an end to this sh*t-show once and for all!

Here is what we know so far:

  • Feds promise to ban BC open-net pen fish farms in 5 years—again!

  • But promises are not enough—it’s time to demand regulatory change.

  • Companies will be required to fully terminate open-net pens within five years.

  • The industry is already down by 40%, and the phase-out will steadily reduce the number of operations.

  • This is the end of business as usual for BC’s salmon farming industry.

  • But our wild salmon are on the brink of extinction—strong interim regulations are crucial.

The devil will be in the details. The 5-year licences will be issued July 1st. The draft Transition Plan will not be ready until end of July. That is when we will learn about the promised stricter regulations to protect wild salmon for the last 5 years of open-net pollution. We’ll also see draft milestones for the phase down of open net-pen aquaculture over the five-year licence period.

We know that the new Fisheries Minister pitched a much worse plan than we got, and that BC Members of Parliament Andrew Wilkinson, Joyce Murray and Terry Beech put it all on the line for wild salmon. The sad truth is, legislative change takes time. Powerful foreign corporations are able to threaten our government with lawsuits if they are not treated ‘fairly’. In this political reality, this was actually a serious win for wild salmon, but we have to now force government to actually enact this ban in regulations.

We’ll be in touch soon with actions you can take to help push this to across the finish line!

With gratitude,
Bonny Glambeck
and the Clayoquot Action Team


Exposing salmon farming’s dirty secrets

Clayoquot Salmon Investigation (CSI) is Clayoquot Action’s fish farm watchdog program. Unlike clearcut logging or mining, which leave visible scars on the landscape, the ecological harm being caused by open-net pen salmon farms happens out of sight, out of mind. CSI makes the invisible visible. Teams of staff and volunteers get out in the field to see what is really going on, and to make these findings public. To date we have exposed two mass die-offs, two sea lice epidemics, escalating chemical warfare failing to control sea lice, the pipe spewing tainted blood water under Tofino’s fish farm plant, and more. Our most recent project tested all active fish farms in Clayoquot Sound for the highly contagious Norwegian piscine orthoreovirus (PRV), which we found on all but one salmon farm in the Sound.


Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO) is seeking feedback to inform potential amendments to the Marine Mammal Regulations. You are invited to complete the survey below to have your voice heard to inform the Marine Mammal amendment  process, which includes long-term planning for Southern Resident Killer Whale (SRKW) protection and recovery, and proposed administrative amendments.

Join in: How to participate

Feedback can be submitted through the online survey



ost every site.

Share and view ideas: Proposed Marine Mammal Regulations Amendments

Share and view ideas:

Proposed Marine Mammal Regulations Amendments

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0:01 / 2:51

Baby orca swims free 

Scientists are learning more about how whales communicate, and the dangers all the other noises in the sea pose to their survival. We go inside the larynx of a baleen whale, and hear why scientists say it’s time to rethink how we use the ocean in order to protect the gentle giants.

Can Marine Mammals and Munitions Coexist?

As humpbacks rebound in an area the US and Canada

use for weapons training,

scientists warn of risks.


Water is life

water is necessary for the survival of all living organisms on Earth

The United Nations General Assembly has universally recognized the right to a #HealthyEnvironmentForAll!


Champions of this movement - from children, business, Indigenous People, human rights institutions and civil society organizations, UN, and more - share why this step is so significant!

As we honor this major milestone, we will soon begin working towards strengthening the recognition of the right to a healthy environment in every country of the world.

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 12.19.16

1 trillion trees is all we need.  That is about 142 per person. Lets get started! 

When we start to act, hope is everywhere.

So instead of looking for hope, look for action.

Then the hope will come.

---Greta Thunberg

Screen Shot 2019-07-22 at 12.01.27

We did it!

We have secured KELÁ_EKE Kingfisher Forest on S,DÁYES

(Pender Island)

Together Pender Islands Conservancy & Raincoast

has raised $2.18 million and has purchased a 45 acre coastal property on the edge of the Salish Sea.

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