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About the Pender Ocean Defenders

A group of friends on Pender Island formed the POD in November , 2014 in response to Kinder Morgan’s tree cutting (in a conservation area) and drilling on Burnaby Mountain.
POD members do not support the KM Pipeline, nor the proposed 7 fold increase in oil tanker traffic through the Salish Sea and the critical habitat of the Endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales - SRKW.
We have been active in supporting the health of the Salish Sea which surrounds our island, and the rights of the SRKW to a life free from disturbance.
Our actions include:

Pod has a proud history of accomplishements

The POD facebook has lots of information and links to the latest news.  See what these Podsters have to say.

POD has submitted a written submission to the National Energy Board on the 
danger of a diluted bitumen spill to marine mammals, our shores, our 
community and our economy.

No risk is acceptable;  the pipeline is not in the public interest. 

June 18th the cabinet announced their decision that the pipeline will be built.  This decision is being challenged in court.  In the meantime, they have been given permission to continue to build the pipeline

POD has worked with the organization Whale Trail to inspire appreciation and stewardship of orcas and other marine mammals by identifying a network of viewing sites along the whales’ trails through the Salish Sea and along the Pacific Coast.

Their vision is a fully recovered southern resident orca population thriving in healthy seas for generations to come.  It is hoped that whale-lovers will choose to watch the orcas from shore viewing points, rather than from boats which chase them down and disrupt their communications with loud engine noise.

POD has petitioned the Islands Trust to declare a Climate Change State of Emergency.  This has been passed.

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