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-How do we include people in the dialogue?

• support local sustainable agriculture

• create a vertically integrated food system: Growers- processors- storers and eaters

• Make Pender food independent


-connect Pender Is. food systems – Food Co-op, growers, Friday soup kitchen, grocery stores, Food Bank, restaurants:  a long table dinner to bring people together to problem solve.


-  connect food production, consumption, waste, transport as a way to broaden discussion


- seek federal funding to purchase community farm


-we need action to help these things happen and Climate Action is the big issue.


- How to bridge from “yes, I recycle” to go deeper, build a network. 


-What can we do as an Island to model? We are on the front line for Orcas (SRKW), and food security


-GND is about change: What can the Island Trust advocate for? Mandate changes (water catchment).


-our national and international governments are incapable of changing fast enough. 


-Grass roots/ local on up....... with joy!

-Targets for the next year: food production, water conservation, public transport, lower “footprint”.


-Emotional support through the long transition, do-able tasks.


-Community  work bees for harvesting (hop picking, haying).


-Food, land, housing needs are big issues on Pender, how to create the  Just Society on our island


- some funding available from GI food co-op


-The Diocese is considering housing on church land.


-We need infrastructure for organizing these actions. The CRC can help realize community ideas.


-the Green New Deal is about Climate Action: How do we communicate back to the organizations


-SaltSpring Transition model: a forum about everything happening regarding transition and climate.


- need a community response to the federal cabinet decision on the pipeline on June 18th.


-A regular “table” at Friday soup lunch, Saturday market, Fall Fair. Utilize the Red line, green line format, Invite folks to list Red and Green items on sticky notes.

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