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• Fossil Fuel subsidies,
• No new fossil fuel infrastructure,
• terminate extraction and subsidizing of all dirty fuels
• Economy and Ecology are not Separate, Enshrine rights to a healthy
environment with enforceable penalties for transgressions
• Stop exploiting other species, end old-growth logging, Stop ocean fish farming,
Stop whale watching
• Preserve and conserve natural environment, safe healthy environment as a
human right.
• eliminate GDP as a good measure of anything
• Stop single-use plastic packaging
• No bitumen tankers in Salish sea
• No open net fish Farms
• No hate speech in public or on social media
• No more Pipelines
• Ban fossil fuel emissions by 2020
• No increase of drilling and exploration for fossil fuels
• Disallow pay inequity
• No exporting of Canadian water to the USA
• Large reduction in gasoline-powered cars/trucks
• No more tankers in BC waters.
• No open net fish farms in the ocean.
• No huge social disparity.
• No subsidies for corrupt corporate polluters.
• Stop lobbyingof government by industry
• Stop old-growth logging
• No use of toxic pesticide/herbicides.


• Declare a national climate emergency at all government levels
• Increase subsidy for renewable energy
• Federally mandated transition to green energy
• Assistance in training for the green transition
• Clean energy subsidies
• Support for elections without corporate influence - Not all on young people,
responsibility to act by all in all spheres of activity.
• No corporate control of government -proportional representation
• Equitable fair, real democracy:

• Protect religious diversity
• Reduce and control food travelling costs/structures e.g. promoting local food
while restricting hi CO2 to food transit
• Divestment of all public dollars from industrial farming-
• move toward sustainable agriculture
• Leave no one behind - education, health care communications, indigenous
• Massive investment in public transit
• Harmonize UNDRIP with Canadian laws
• Combine indigenous traditional knowledge with science for climate action
• Justice for marginalized women and the homeless
• Parsimonious use of Natural Resources (water collection, heat pumps)
• Increase taxes on the wealthy
• Get big money out of politics
• Federally financed incentives for green energy
• Multiple coordinated incentives for e-cars/ bikes with increased charging
• Increase carbon tax steeply
• Green Transportation bus and Ferries
• Get off addiction to fossil fuel
• Train workers for new economy
• Green solar/ green energy for all houses
• Green mandates for new building permits
• Institute subsidies for renewable energy
• Preserve all wetlands
• Protect environment from corporate greed ( air, water, land) with new legislation
• Clean up and stabilize environment
• Protect the environment by banning pesticides
• Support production of safe sustainable food
• Federally funded Agricultural Extension programs to train and encourage New
• Decarbonize the economy
• Wind down extractive Industries
• Publicly funded elections
• Free University education for everyone to be equipped to change the world
• Nationalize utilities
•Subsidized clean energy
• Train Workforce for the green economy
• True Cradle to Cradle pricing
• Provide capacity ($) for indigenous participation
• Limit election spending - publicly financed elections
• Support youth involvement and Leadership
• Set date for moratorium on all fossil fuel-burning Vehicles (5 to 10 years)

• Zero-interest Loans for Green Building retrofit
• Feds invest in renewable energy
• Harmonize UNDRIP
• Support for Family Farms
• Electric transport ( cars, buses, and Ferries)
• Bring back local trains
• The right to live safely, free from fear of being different racially, sexually,
• Community based education
• Incremental tariffs on food determined by how/ how far they are transported.
• Guaranteed rate to healthcare including abortions.
• Construction of housing with high levels of environmentally sound features
• .Funding for community land acquisition for agricultural purposes
• Equitable power structure who is at the table and has input and power.
• Leave no one behind: through education, healthcare, communication media.
• .safe, healthy environment as a human right
• Encourage agricultural carbon Sequestration projects
• Increase/encourage alternatives to wood for paper and construction.
• More tax incentives for green building practices
• Stronger movement to sustainable energy, solar, wind, etc.
• government subsidies to sustainable energy
• free public transportation Dash increase electric cars – carbon tax on fossil fuels
- accurate monitoring of omissions
• increased taxes
• Publicly funded media separate from political influence.
• accurate reporting of the climate crisis in mainstream media
• Free education.
• Subsidized retraining and innovative business shifts.
• Dollars for local collaborative innovative and network for ideas sharing
• Cleanup environments damage by fossil fuel extraction.
• Right to a healthy environment.
• Protect all species.
• Proportional representation.
• Indigenous rights and ownership.
• passenger only ferries
• Free public transportation.
• Increase taxes on wealthy.

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