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Ben Kadel (Facilitator)

Heartwood Folk School, Pender Island Farmer's Institute- Coordinator of the Fall Fair


MaryAnne Pare’ (Note taker)

SOS, Farmland Acquisition, Sinister Senior, Penderpod


Monica Petrie (Note taker)

Pender Ocean Defenders (founding Member), PI Truth and Reconciliation Circle (TRC), Penderpod, Sinister Senior,


Julia Nicholls (MC)

Solstice Theatre, Sinister Senior, Penderpod, SOS

Kathy Cronk

Heartwood, Community Garden, Garson Pond, Community Gathering, Friday Kitchen

Roz Kempe

Gulf Islands Food Co-op, Permaculture Group


Paul Petrie

Penderpod, Friends of Brooks Point, South Pender Historical Society, Sinister Seniors,

Gregory Nicholls

Save Our Whales SOS, Sinister Senior, Solstice Theatre Society, PenderPod

Peter Pare’

Moving Around Pender (MAP), Community Resource Centre (CRC),  Sinister Senior, SOS, PenderPod

Davy Rippner

Pender Island Conservancy Assoc. (PICA), PIRS Recycling, Pender Island Farmers' Institute

Brian Busacker

Sierra Club

Peggy Busacker

Sierra Club


John Allan

Penderpod, SOS, grower, Sinister Senior.

Bronwyn Merle

TRC, Writers Group, Solstice Theatre Society

Deb Morrison

a scientist, an educator, a mother, an activist.  Currently one of the north pender Island Trustees, Climate and Environmental Scientist, Western Washington University, Science Educators for Equity, Diversity and Social Justice (SEEDS)

Rolande Maurice


Lisa Baile

MAP, SOS, Penderpod, Sinister Senior

Dorothy Nelson  concerned citizen

Ursula Poepel - MAP, Recycling, Pender Conservancy Association (PICA), native plant grower,  invasive plant warrior, Pender Island Farmers' Institute.

 Ellen Willingham - organic farmer, Clergy, inter island Elders, Pender Island Farmers' Institute

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