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Sample  letter: please remember this is a sample.  Write your own letter from your own point of view.

Dear Prime Minister Trudeau

80 Wellington Street

Ottawa Ontario, K1A 0A2


I am a resident of Pender Island which is surrounded by the Salish Sea, home to the threatened Orca J Pod.   I am deeply concerned about their survival and I would like the federal government to do more to protect them. 

They are starving due to a scarcity of Chinook Salmon.  I believe the Department of Fisheries and Oceans should completely close all marine harvest of Chinook Salmon.   Their ability to hunt salmon is also jeopardized by the whale watching boats. I support a complete ban of whale watching for Southern Resident Orcas.

Finally I support all measures you can take to minimize excessive noise from boats. Imposing a speed limit and mandating noise reduction technology are two mechanisms that should be employed.

I urge you to  put an immediate halt to any fossil fuel expansion projects and support renewables.

The Southern Resident Orcas are the canaries in the mine and their impending extinction is symptomatic of the potential for worse to come unless we act now! 

Please keep me informed regarding these critical issues.  Save Our Whales!


XXXX– [Your Address here]


*Copy to: *


Catherine McKenna- Minister of the Environment;


Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Fisheries and Oceans;


Bill Morneau- Minister of Finance


Premier John Horgan,


Adam Olsen, MLA


Elizabeth May, MP


Kirsty Duncan – Minister of Science


Mayor Lisa Helps - City of Victoria

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