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K 11 Georgia

Georgia was the oldest living whale in K-Pod. She was the probable daughter of K7 Lummi, who passed away in 2008 at the estimated age of 98, and the probable mother of K13 Skagit, who has four offspring of her own. It is believed that at one point there five living generations of this orca family traveling together.


Georgia was easy to identify, with distinct open saddle patches. Later in life Georgia seemed to become the adopted mother to L87 Onyx, who had lost his own mother. Onyx basically switched pods to be with Georgia and her family.


Georgia was believed to have been born in 1933. She was listed as missing in June 2010 (age est. 77).


As I pictured Georgia in my mind, she was travelling towards the Creator, with the setting sun behind her.


Citizen Scientist:  Dawn Brennan

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