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Green New Deal Outcomes:




Fossil Fuel subsidies,

 No new fossil fuel infrastructure,

 terminate extraction and subsidizing of all dirty fuels

Economy and Ecology are not Separate, Enshrine rights to a healthy environment with enforceable penalties for  transgressions

Stop exploiting other species, end old-growth logging, Stop ocean fish farming, Stop whale watching

Preserve and conserve natural environment, safe healthy environment as a human right.

 eliminate GDP as a good measure of anything 

Stop single-use plastic packaging 

 No bitumen tankers in Salish sea

No open net fish Farms 

No hate speech in public or on social media 

No more Pipelines 

Ban fossil fuel emissions by 2020  

No increase of drilling and  exploration for fossil fuels 

Disallow pay inequity

No exporting of Canadian water to the USA

Large reduction in gasoline-powered cars/trucks

No more tankers in BC waters. 

No open net fish farms in the ocean.

No huge social disparity.

No subsidies for corrupt corporate polluters.

Stop lobbying of  government by industry

Stop old-growth logging

No use of toxic pesticide/herbicides.



Declare a national climate emergency at all government levels

Increase subsidy for renewable energy

Federally mandated transition to green energy

Assistance in training for the green transition

Clean energy subsidies

Support for elections without corporate influence - Not all on young people, responsibility to act by all in all spheres of activity.

No corporate control of government -proportional representation

Equitable fair, real democracy: 

Protect religious diversity

Reduce and control food travelling costs/structures e.g. promoting local food while restricting hi CO2 to food transit

Divestment of all public dollars from industrial farming- 

 move toward sustainable agriculture

Leave no one behind - education, health care communications, indigenous population

Massive investment in public transit

Harmonize UNDRIP with Canadian laws

Combine indigenous traditional knowledge with science for climate action

Justice for marginalized women and the homeless

Parsimonious use of Natural Resources (water collection, heat pumps)

Increase taxes on the wealthy 

Get big money out of politics 

Federally financed incentives for green energy 

Multiple coordinated incentives for e-cars/ bikes with increased charging networks 

Increase carbon tax steeply

Green Transportation bus and Ferries 

Get off addiction to fossil fuel,investment 

Train workers for new economy

Green solar/ green energy for all houses

Green mandates  for new building permits 

Institute subsidies for renewable energy 

Preserve all wetlands 

Protect environment from corporate greed ( air, water, land) with new legislation

Clean up and stabilize environment

Protect the  environment by banning pesticides 

Support production of safe sustainable food 

Federally funded Agricultural Extension programs to train and encourage New farmers

Decarbonize the economy

Wind down extractive Industries

Publicly funded elections

Free University education for everyone to be equipped to change the world 

Nationalize utilities 

Subsidized clean energy 

Train Workforce for the green economy 

True Cradle to Cradle pricing  

Provide capacity ($) for indigenous participation 

Limit election spending - publicly financed elections 

Support youth involvement and Leadership

Set date for moratorium on all fossil fuel-burning Vehicles (5 to 10 years) 

Zero-interest Loans for Green Building retrofit

Feds invest in renewable energy 

Harmonize UNDRIP

Support for Family Farms

Electric transport ( cars, buses, and Ferries)

Bring back local trains 

The right to live safely, free from fear of being different racially, sexually, economically.

Community based education 

Incremental tariffs on food determined by how/ how far they are transported.

Guaranteed rate to healthcare including abortions.

Construction of housing with high levels of environmentally sound features

.Funding for community land acquisition for agricultural purposes

 Equitable power structure who is at the table and has input and power.

Leave no one behind: through education, healthcare, communication media.

.safe, healthy environment as a human right

Encourage agricultural carbon Sequestration projects 

Increase/encourage alternatives to wood for paper and construction.

More tax incentives for green building practices

Stronger movement to sustainable energy, solar, wind, etc.

government subsidies to sustainable energy

free public transportation Dash increase electric cars – carbon tax on fossil fuels - accurate monitoring of omissions

increased taxes

Publicly funded media  separate from political influence.

accurate reporting of the climate crisis in mainstream media

Free education.

Subsidized retraining and innovative business shifts.

Dollars for local collaborative innovative and network for ideas sharing

Cleanup environments damage by fossil fuel extraction.

Right to a healthy environment.

Protect all species.

Proportional representation.

Indigenous rights and ownership.

passenger only ferries

Free public transportation.

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