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I will apologize ahead of time, because this email includes a request that

will take seven to ten minutes of your time. And I know we could all use

less, not more, screen time. I wouldn't be sending this to you if I did not

consider its message urgent. No rush, however, put this aside till you have

a few minutes of unhurried time.

I am attaching two generic letters directed to Canadian politicians on the

subject of the global climate emergency as it shows up in British Columbia.

Reading them will update you about some of the dire concerns we are

grappling with here in B.C. However, they affect Canada and the rest of the

world as well. It is just that the symptoms of the global crisis are quite

visible in our province at the moment. We have increasing numbers of

citizens becoming vocal about these issues locally. However, we are at one

end of a large country. What would help create a louder message are voices

across Canada and the globe. 

If you would take the time to read these attached letters, and if one or the

other fits with your own sentiments,  I hope you would personalize it, sign

it, address it to your MLA and your federal Member of Parliament, cc some of

the ministers added below and send it out. Those living outside Canada, the

second letter is written more from your viewpoint and the addresses in the

cc list below would be your correspondents. 

And please feel free to pass this on to others to engage in as well.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for taking the time.

Mary Anne

cc. Prime Minister J. Trudeau <

cc. Minister of Fisheries and Oceans J. Wilkinson

cc Catherine McKenna Minister of Environment and Climate Change <

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