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L98 - Luna


Separated from his pod at two,

He danced on waves in  the moonlight,

Awakening many slumbering minds to the plight of whales,

uniting people in action

to protect what is precious – the fragile balance that tips so easily,

spilling out its contents into the ever-expanding universe.

In one instant he was gone.

*The captain of The General Jackson shook Chief Mike Maquinna’s hand in silence

as the Mowachaht / Muchalaht Nation gathered,

singing Chief Ambrose Maquinna’s paddle song one last time for Tsu’xiit. 


September 19, 1999  - March 10, 2016


by Patrycja Williams

I read that the captain of the boat that killed Luna felt terrible about what happened, and that he shook the hand of Chief Mike in silence. (Chief Mike and his people felt kinship with the whale and tried to protect it. They also named it. They felt that it was an incarnation of their previous chief). The First Nations sang a goodbye song for Luna after he died.

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