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L41 Mega

Mega, L41, was born of L11 in 1977 at the end of the ‘capture era’.  He was declared missing in 2020 at the age of 42. Mega was a beautiful Orca bull of massive size with a towering dorsal fin.  He was big and powerful; he was the only male left in his immediate family.  There was a nick on the trailing edge of his dorsal fin which rose straight without waver from his back.  This is what were have left, a description..


Orcas are struggling for survival against three main threats:

1)  Lack of adequate food, the Chinook salmon

2) Vessel noise and disturbance by boats

3) Contaminants etc.

All imposed by human action.



A Reflection


Because we have been working with a Tibetan prayer flag, we hope these quotes from a Dalai Lama book will assist in bringing this action a helpful perspective.  


A Tibetan Prayer

“Kindly let the power of your compassion arise to quickly stem the flow of blood and tears.  Those unrelentingly cruel ones, objects of compassion, maddened by delusions, evils, wantonly destroy themselves and others.  May they achieve the eye of wisdom, knowing what must be done and undone.”


“Non-violence does not mean passivity.  We need to solve problems through dialogue in a spirit of reconciliation.  This is the real meaning of non-violence and the source of world peace.”


 “Only when we begin to think as an extended global family that not only includes our own species but all of our fellow travellers in the evolutionary sojourn on earth will be be able to save our common biosphere community and renew the planet for future generations.”  

Jeremy Rifkin


Let this action of Flag Flying be one of the universal responsibilities that is requested as a form of resistance against the delusional ones.  TIC TALK TIC TALK  


Thank you for your work and the opportunity to be part of this.


Joe and Gail Kleisinger


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