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L 21  Ankh

L-21  Ankh  

+-1950  missing 2008?


I was a bit frustrated with my research as the only info I discovered conflicts with the dates of her possible age. 


 I wish I knew who her mother was or her babies but I only found an article that described her bones being collected in Whirl Bay near Metchosin in 1999.


The teacher, Catrin Brown of Pearson College took a class to retrieve her bones and now they are diplayed in a classroom there.


Lester B Pearson College is known as the United World College of the Pacific.  I have visited there and hiked the beaches close by.


If this information is correct  Unch L-21 could have only been about 49 years old not the 58 estimated with a missing date of 2008?


I can only imagine what her life might have been and know she only lived half the life span of our beloved Granny.


Her name, Ankh is from the Egyptian heiroglyphics for "Life" which I hope she enjoyed fully when she lived.



Thanks for the opportunity to process such loss,


Citizen Scientist: Sandra Johnson

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