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L 111

  • My flag recognizes the brief life of L Pod member L-111.  L-111 was born August 12, 2008 to Marina (L-47). L-111 went missing in late August 2008 not yet one month old.   

  • Marina who was born in 1974 has had 7 calves. Four of the seven died before they reached one month of age.  This is an infant mortality rate of 57%!

  • Infant mortality rate is the percentage of live born that die within the first year of life.

  • Between 400 BC and 1950 AD the global infant mortality rate for humans was 29%. That means one in 4 children died before they had their first birthday. 

  • By 1950 the average global infant mortality had fallen to 16%.  By 2017 it was 2.9%. The country with the lowest infant mortality rate in the world in 2017 was Iceland with a rate of 0.16%.

  • My mother had 9 children and none of them died in the first year.

  • Marian has had 7 offspring and 4 of them died in their first month

  • High levels of contaminants are passed from mothers to their offspring via breast milk. Orca calves are highly sensitive to these toxic contaminants.

  • To help save orcas from extinction, we have to eliminate the use and discharge of these pollutants into waterways worldwide.

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Citizen Scientist: Peter Pare

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