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L 102

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L102 was born in early November, 2002 and only lived about a month.

L102’s mother was Marina (L47). Marina’s previous calf (L99) was born in 2000 and listed as missing and presumed dead in 2001. 

L102 had a sister born in 1990 and another sibling (gender unknown) born in 1995.

They are apparently healthy and still members of L-Pod.

The mortality rate for orcas is up to 50% in the first year of life. High levels of contaminants (DDT, PCBs and PBDEs) are passed from mothers to their offspring via breast milk.

Transient Orcas have up to 15 times the contaminant load of local seals, as they accumulate toxins from their marine mammal prey.

Resident Orcas eat salmon, which don’t contain as many toxins.

Orca calves are highly sensitive to these toxic contaminants.

To help save orcas from extinction, we have to eliminate the use and discharge of these pollutants into waterways worldwide. 


Citizen Scientist

Larry Colcy 

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