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This project was completed by three generations of the Warkentin family.  Traci Warkentin did the research, Margaret Warkentin (her mother) did the flag with her granddaughter Mira's enthusaistic encouragement.


Squirty (L11) belonged to the L pod of the Southern Resident Killer Whale population, which is listed as an endangered species in both Canadian and US waters. There are 34 orcas currently making up L pod. Squirty is thought to have died in 2000. It is known that she had at least one son, L41, born in 1977. L41 was recorded as missing in January 2020; he has 21 known, living offspring among all three - J, K and L - pods of the Southern Resident population.

Squirty’s mother was thought to be L12 (Alexis, born 1933, died 2012), after whom her sub-pod was named (the L12s).

The oldest Matriarch of L12 sub-pod is L25, named Ocean Sun, who is believed to have been born in 1928, making her 92 years!

Squiry probably had several daughters and at least one known son,

Mega (L41).

Citizen Scientist: Traci Warkentin

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