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K 32

K 32   was born in the year 2000 to mother, Opus (K 16).  Baby K 32 was last seen in 2001, we are guessing that she/he only lived the one year.


When I heard about the project to commemorate the 78 orcas recorded as deceased or missing since 2002 I immediately knew that I wanted to contribute. Without any thought I went to pick up my “kit” which was to give me instructions on what to do. Again, with little thought my hand/heart  chose this nameless baby who lived with us for such a short period of time.


Upon arriving home and opening the package it dawned on me that I was to sew and create for my chosen little one. Now sewing is not a common activity in my home and there was neither needle or thread obviously available. Further, nothing was written about my chosen babe as her/his life was so short. 


So, sitting down with my prayer flag and the cut shape of an orca I heard the small child in me speak. Listening I heard the lack of confidence in my small child’s voice .. no supplies, no information; just hesitation and a concern that I was not up for the task.


And then this blessed baby Orca spoke. In the wordless speaking there was this knowing that we could create this prayer flag together. The presence of this baby Orca was strong and in this presence I felt a gratitude for being seen, for being recognized and felt. The baby Orca seemed to provide gentle, playful encouragement. I noticed my hands were guided, my heart opened and my mind not longer criticized my efforts. This baby Orca and this human touched each other deeply. Our hearts sang as we recognized each other; I feel you feeling me.


Thank you for the Project which allowed us to pierce the veil and recognize that we are All, truly One. 


Citizen Scientist:  Jule Roper

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