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K-25 Scoter

K-25 (Scoter) male born in 1991 and died in 2019 two years after his mother died.


Scoter was the son of K-13 (Skagit) who was the matriarch of a family grouping and a "central figure" in K Pod. Skagit died in 2017 leaving her offspring to reestablish the matriline.  Mothers often share food with their families, especially sons, who have higher energetic demands. Research shows that young Orcas males are three times more likely to die in the year following the death of their mother, and older males (over 30) are eight times more likely to die.  


Skagit was the mother of four offspring: K-20 (Spock), K-25 (Scoter), K-27 (Deadhead); and K-34 (Cali). Skagit was the grandmother to Spock’s calf, K-38 (Comet), and to Deadhead’s calf, K-44 (Ripple).


In 2018 it became apparent that Scoter was having trouble foraging on his own.  In June 2019 Scoter was not seen with his family in Haro Strait and was declared dead in August 2019. At 28 Scoter was just entering what should have been the prime of his life when he died of starvation due to the lack of salmon and our collective failure to support and protect the Southern Resident Orcas population. 


Scoter breaching in August 2016.

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