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Tahoma, J10

Tahoma was believed to have been born in 1962. She was last seen in 1999. She would have been approximately 37 years old.  Tahoma was named after the Coast Salish word for Mount Rainier. She was first photographed in 1972, at about ten years old, when she was temporarily captured in nets in Puget Sound. Tahoma was well known and loved among whale enthusiasts, partly because she was such an excellent mother and grandmother. She was frequently seen interacting with her children and playing with her grandchildren. Tahoma’s mother was thought to be Neah J9 (1917 – 1985).

Tahoma had 3 offspring-1 male named Everett J18.and 2 daughter's Ewok J20 and Oreo J22.


Linsey Ewenin (Kawacatoose First Nations band member) did a flag for Tahoma. Linsey envisioned the flag as a button blanket.

Linsey, as the mother of two daughters, felt a connection to Tahoma.

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