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Blue Mckiegan, Peter Pare & Lisa Baile fight for the forest

Shadow on Concrete Wall

Tiles are completed.  Thank you Pender!

Artists on Pender of all ages are turning hope into lasting art to celebrate these young whales.

Looking for a site to display the whale tiles


Looking for a site to display the whale tiles


Anchorages threaten our sensitive ecosystem of the Salish Sea and disrupt the habitat of endangered species, including the southern resident killer whale. A fuel spill would be disastrous for our coastal communities.

write an email to

Transport Minister Omar Alghabra:

Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson:

Minister of Fisheries and Oceans Bernadette Jordan:

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Mar. 29, 2021

Demonstrators form red line along Victoria seaside walkway to protest Trans Mountain

Mary Anne Pare and John Allen were there with their grandchildren to show support for youth that have marched in the streets for a livable planet.

picture reprinted from the Oak Bay Times

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A new baby orca has been born this year

The Center for Whale Research confirmed a new baby orca was born to L pod, one of three family groups that make up the West Coast's endangered southern resident killer whale population. 

The research centre captured images of the baby orca that show fetal folds, indicating a recent birth.

The baby orca — identified as L125 — appears healthy, according to the research centre. 

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Many thanks to everyone who commemorated an Orca.


Sasha, a member of the Kawakatoose First Nation, did two prayer flags for the project.  Here she is with her little sister holding her flag for Samish (J14).  She also did one for Tanya(L5).  Go to the prayer flags and click on her flags to read her story.


Natasha and her family completed 7 flags.   Here she is holding Luna and Hugo.

Dear friends,

These twin crises of COVID-19 and climate breakdown show us one thing: we have to use this moment to transform. We’re living through a societal shift unlike any other in recent memory – and our efforts to rebuild must continue to be bold, imaginative, and restorative.

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Imminent extinction. How much clearer can it be? All over the planet, species facing extinction are treated with love and respect that includes protection--except for here in the Salish Sea. The Southern Resident orcas are unique in their intelligence, their complexity of language, their family loyalty, and their echo-location abilities that enable them to find salmon to eat, to communicate with one another, and to navigate through their waters. So, as a critically endangered species facing extinction, why are they still being harassed by whale-watching tourism? Sadly, like so much of our world--it is money first--over life itself. Please love the SRKWs from land. It is the right thing to do--for their lives and for life itself.


The Seventh Generation Principle is based on an ancient Iroquois philosophy that the decisions we make today should result in a sustainable 

world seven generations into the future.