The Orca Tile Project Pender POD’s new orca tile project is now open for community participation! There are 43 orcas who have been born and survived in the Salish Sea since 1998, and so we have 43 tiles to be painted. Come down to the Community Resource Center at the Driftwood to pick up a tile and painting kit, which will provide you with paints, brushes, and a tile. Part of the project is researching your whale, so we can celebrate these orcas by representing them through art and telling their stories. The deadline for the tiles is February 15, so spread the word and come collect your tile! Feel free to email with any questions. Aspiring artists of all ages and any skill are welcome as we turn hope into lasting art to celebrate these young whales. Once you have chosen your tile and orca, we invite you to take some time to research your whale. Look online for newspaper articles, photos etc. to make your tile represent your orca. The tiles will be displayed around Pender, though the location has yet to be finalized. An image of your tile and your Orca’s story will also become part of the PenderPOD archives on Return your completed tile by February 15 to the Community Resource Center at the Driftwood. The only requirements on the tile is the orca and its name/number. How to: You will be provided with primary colours (and black and white) in acrylic paints, as well as a fine tipped brush, and a glazed tile. Paint directly onto the tile, making sure the tile is clean beforehand. Feel free to use your own brushes as well if you have some. The only requirements for the tile is for it to show a picture of the orca, and have the orca’s number or name. Beyond that, get creative! We want to see your orca celebrated in art, and it is about the lasting memories of these tiles rather than the technical skill. Let the tile dry for 24 hours before returning your work to the Community Resource Center at the Driftwood. All the tiles will be finished with a sealer before they are displayed. Research: When you have completed your tile, please email what you have found in your research to Please include the name and number of your orca, the name of the tile painter[s] (optional), and the details you discovered about your orca while creating your tile. Feel free to include photos of your project or any other writing inspired by your orca and your research.

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