It all started when we met on the ferry enroute to protest the Pipeline expansion

left to right:








Julia under arrest

Lisa, Julia and Gregory zip-tied themselves with other protestors to the gates of the Kinder Morgan fuel farm to stop the expansion of the pipeline

Arrested from Pender Island for peacefully protesting the Kinder Morgan Pipeline

Lisa Baile

Gregory Nicholls

Julia Nicholls

Peter Pare

Barbara Stowe

They were each sentenced to 25 hours of community service.

They have done their time and remain joyfully unrepentant.

The crown, asking for jail time for pipeline protesters, said, "we must deter seniors," noting that over 40% of people arrested are seniors.  He went on to say that the folks being arrested are a "particularly sinister challenge to the court's authority."

We were delighted to be called "sinister".  And so the arrestees - Lisa, Julia, Gregory and Peter - joined forces with protestors MaryAnne Pare, John Allen, Paul Petrie and Monica Petrie to form the Sinister Seniors.  We have created spoken word performances, made an appearance at the Zoo Islander fashion show, held events, and we continue to protest, mobilize, and strategize to save our Salish Sea and the rest of our beautiful planet for future generations.

The Sinister Seniors performing a Spoken word that was written by MaryAnne Pare

Zoo Islander fashion divas.

Sinistah Sistahs from left to right





Here are more stories from protestors

Mounting the prayer flags at the Driftwood

August 7th, 2020 Pender Pride convoy

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