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Here is a photo of my special orca J49 (Tilem I'nges)  A male born to J37 9Hy'shqa), her first calf born in early August 2012.


So he is 8 years old and his name means "Singing Grandchild".  This really touched my heart as a singing grandmother!


He received his name at a traditional Samish Nation naming ceremony. His mom and her siblings, Suttle J40 and Se-Yi-Chn J45 also received their names in this manner.


His mom was 11 years old when she gave birth to him her first calf; the youngest documented Southern Resident orca to give birth.


She then made her mom,J14 Samish, a first time grandmother and J2 Granny a great great grandmother!


The Center for Whale Research got an amazing photo of him with his dorsal fin flopped over (which makes birth easier; it stands up shortly after birth.


I learned this from a post from Monika Wieland Shields who wrote Endangered Orcas, a book I hope to read soon.


I got the inspiration for my painting from a book by Robert James Challenger called Eagle's Reflection and Other Northwest Coast Stories.


Thank you very much for the opportunity to engage in reasearch and the hope of bringing the plight of our precious orcas to the forefront.


With Respect, Sandra Johnson, citizen scientist

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